About Ai Mystai
Ai Mystai is an organization devoted to the birth of modern Hellenic Mysteries, and their associated groups, rituals, and study. Hellenists have long lacked access to initiatory groups dedicated to bringing people into a mystical relationship with the Gods and providing personal gnosis. Ai Mystai aspires to remedy this situation.

Our plan is not to duplicate the unknown past, but to build a thriving mystical community upon the foundation of ancient and modern Hellenismos. We cherish the building blocks left for us by such schools and rites as the Eleusinian, Orphic, Dionysian, Mithraic, etc., while not claiming to be any of these ancient Mystery sects.

Our doors are open wide to those who seek deeper devotion to the Gods of Hellenismos and ancient Hellas. Although our Mysteries are Greek, personal beliefs and devotions of aspirants, students, and members may include non-Hellenic deities and beliefs according to the leading of each person's inner experience.
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